Strange Car Noises

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Screeching, squealing, grinding – all are strange car noises that Sussex prefer not to hear, as they typically mean there’s an issue with the car. Learn about strange car noise meanings with Mercedes-Benz of Newton to ensure that you’re prepared should anything arise.

Strange Car Noise Meanings

Here are some common strange car noises that come from different components and what they might mean for the health of your vehicle:

  • Brakes: Clunking while braking may point to damaged brake hardware, while squealing may indicate dirty brake components or worn brake pads.
  • Transmission: If your transmission grinds when you shift gears, there may be an issue with the clutch (if it’s manual), or there might be internal damage. Otherwise, a clicking noise from the transmission while four-wheel drive is engaged can indicate low fluid levels in your transfer case, or that the transfer case is damaged.
  • Engine: Squealing from the engine when you accelerate may indicate loose or slipping drive belts. Popping from the engine can have many meanings, such as a dirty air filter, bad or dirty spark plugs, ignition problems, and more. Meanwhile, a clicking sound from the engine can mean something as simple as the engine being low on oil or that oil pressure is low. Finally, a hissing sound from the engine likely means that it is overheating.
  • Alternator: A squealing noise from the alternator may mean a loose or damaged alternator drive belt, or that the internal bearings are worn.
  • Steering; Clicking when turning can point to worn steering system components.

Schedule Service with Mercedes-Benz of Newton

Get in touch with Mercedes-Benz of Newton to schedule service when you hear any of these strange car noises. We’re here to help with all of your maintenance and repair needs, whether you’re on Mercedes-Benz A or Mercedes-Benz B service schedules or you simply want to make sure your car is ready for a road trip.

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