How to Wash a Car

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When you invest in a new Mercedes-Benz SUV or coupe, you want to keep it looking its best every day while preserving its appearance for years to come. One of the best ways to do that is by learning how to wash a car by hand at home in Sussex if you’ve decided you prefer hand-washing over touchless wash. When you know how to wash a car you’re able to protect the paint and control small imperfections like small scratches before they become ugly scars. Our service department of certified technicians have devised this guide to help you make the most of washing your car while answering how often to wash a car. 

How Often to Wash a Car

How often you should wash your car depends on how you drive. For standard driving — commuting and running errands — wash your car every other week and wax it every six months. If you’re driving on dirt or gravel, or through dirty conditions like construction zones regularly, wash your car as soon as possible after it becomes soiled. 

How to Wash a Car: Tips

  • Cleaning Supplies: Use solutions that are designed to protect your car’s paint. Use a natural sponge or wool mitt to wash. Our parts department can advise you on where to buy them. 
  • Washing: Lather up your car with soap and clean the washing mitts or sponges with fresh water as you wash the car body, windows, tires, and wheels. 
  • Drying: Don’t air-dry your car, as this can cause spotting. Use a microfiber towel to hand-dry the surface. 

Plan Ahead 

If you’re wondering how often to wash a car, ask yourself if you need to do a full wash and wax, or just a small touch-up. New or recently waxed and polished cars need just a wash and wax. If your vehicle has been exposed to the elements in Hackettstown for a few months without attention, it’ll likely need more. 

Rinse & Wash 

The first step in how to wash a car is to rinse it to remove loose dirt and debris. Once you’ve given it a thorough rinse, use car washing mitts to soap the body of your car. Rinse thoroughly, then dry with clean microfiber cloths. 

After you’ve washed and dried your car, use a commercial ammonia-free glass cleaner intended specifically for cars on the windows. Lastly, use acid-free pH-balanced aluminum wheel cleaner on the wheels and tires. 

Remove Bumps & Apply Compound 

When washing your car look for imperfections in the finish, especially contaminants like tree sap. Buff them out with a clay bar, then apply a compound with a dual-action polisher to smooth small scratches. Check the compound’s directions, and expect to apply 2-4 coats. 

Apply Polish If Needed

For a sleek, glossy finish, use a dual-action polisher work best. You can use an orbital buffer or a soft towel to apply it. Be aware that using orbital buffers can damage your surface if there is any debris in the way.

Wax Your Car

Car wax protects your paint from UV damage and helps it stay shiny. Carnauba and polymer are the most common types of car wax, with the latter being a bit more expensive. Polymer waxes don’t get hazy and they set faster. 

Get More Car Care Tips from Mercedes-Benz of Newton! 

Learn more about easy ways to maintain your Mercedes-Benz from home — check the service tips and tricks compiled by the certified service technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Newton. We’re here to help you get the most out of life with your Mercedes-Benz with information like how to clean leather seats.

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