How to Clean Leather Car Seats

how to clean leather seats

Leather seating gives an upscale feel to the interior of your new Mercedes-Benz, but how do you care for it? While leather seats are more luxurious than cloth, they also require additional care to keep them supple and looking their best. Ensure proper leather seat care with the tips from Mercedes-Benz of Newton below.

How Do You Keep Leather Seats in Good Condition?

Keeping leather seats in top shape requires a little extra effort, but it is worth it for the high-end feel and appearance. Review our simple tips and tricks to make sure you are correctly caring for your leather interior.

  • Vacuum Your Seats: Use a vacuum to clean the crevices of your seats to remove any dust, dirt, or debris.
  • Clean Your Seats: Use a pH-neutral cleaning solution with a soft-bristled brush and microfiber cloth to gently clean the leather upholstery. Use care to make sure you don’t get any liquid cleaner into perforated seats.
  • Condition Your Seats: Condition your seat leather with a new microfiber cloth and a leather conditioner.
  • Protect the Leather: Protect the leather inside your vehicle by parking under a tree or in a garage instead of in the sun.

What Cleaning Products Should Be Used?

A colorless, simple damp rag can be used to lightly dust your car seats. For a more thorough wash, use a bit of soap or a specially made leather cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the seats. For leather cleaner recommendations, check your owner’s manual. You can also research what the best type of leather conditioner is for Mercedes-Benz seats. There are certain products you should stay away from when it comes to leather seat care:

  • Sharp objects that may scratch
  • Household cleaner
  • Dark cloths
  • Detergents
  • Furniture polish

Want to Know More About Cleaning Leather Car Seats?

For additional tips on car care, from caring for your leather seats to knowing how much is a battery replacement to taking care of your tires, speak with the certified technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Newton! Our team is dedicated to keeping your Mercedes-Benz in great shape at our high-tech service center near Hackettstown and Hamburg.

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