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If you are shopping for a new Mercedes-Benz in Sussex or Hackettstown, consider upgrading your search Mercedes-Benz AMG® models available at Mercedes-Benz of Newton. These are specially-designed models with AMG® performance parts for higher horsepower, better traction, and more. Explore how you can modify your Mercedes-Benz with genuine OEM parts, and contact our parts center to learn more!

What is AMG®?

Mercedes-Benz AMG® performance models are built with handcrafted racetrack-inspired engines, known for efficiency and power, as well as improved traction, and smoother handling. Having his type of vehicle means bringing Mercedes-Benz prowess to the streets of Hackettstown. AMG® options are available on most Mercedes-Benz models like the C-ClassGLC SUV, and GLE SUV on upgraded trim levels. AMG® performance features include:

  • 4.0L biturbo V8 engine
  • Lightweight 4MATIC® all-wheel drive system
  • Launch control
  • Selectable drive modes
  • Dual- and multi-clutch technology
CLA 45

When you take an AMG® model to the streets, you won’t be disappointed in what you find it can do as these engines were originally built for racing. When you opt for an AMG® upgrade, you’re receiving the best out of your Mercedes-Benz model’s performance.

What Are the AMG® Performance Parts?

AMG® vehicles come with specially-designed parts that allow for better performance and an added sporty flair.

  • AMG® Wheels: Mercedes-Benz AMG® wheels can even be upgraded to larger sizes and different finishes based on your preferences.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG® Rims: You can also choose new wheel center caps or upgraded Mercedes-Benz rims to show off your personal style.
  • AMG® Headlights: These headlights provide a broad spectrum of light to light up the night and see better when going around corners.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG® Extras: Replacement parts like bolts and dipsticks are available, along with logo stickers are available and instrument cluster stickers to clearly label the gauges and essential information you need while driving.

Experience AMG® Performance at Mercedes-Benz of Newton

Contact us for a test drive near Hamburg to experience the thrilling performance in person. Be sure to also check our rotating new vehicle specials so you don’t miss out on a great Mercedes-Benz offer!

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